Luca Hendrik Helms qwerty084

About me

Im a full stack software developer from Hamburg, Germany. Mostly working on web projects.

Languages i use

In my free time, i work on chess related projects, like vue3-chessboard a chessboard library for vue3, a chess engine (WIP) and a desktop application SolidChess for playing, learning/improving and analyzing chess games.

My projects


vue3-chessboard is a component library and can be used in any web project, which uses vue.js.

It includes a chess board, move validation, a lot of customization options and custom events.


SolidChess (WIP) is a cross platform application for playing, learning and improving your chess skills.

Built with Rust, Tauri and solid.js.

The features include:

  • Analyze your games with the strongest chess engines like stockfish & Leela Zero on your local device
  • Solve puzzles from lichess &
  • Play against the computer or your friends
  • Explore and learn chess openings